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Here’s an update for you.

You remember many months ago when I wrote about making an iPhone app? I’m, like, very much still committed to this day! I do a bit of programming on most weekdays, not all. Some days a lot more than others.

In reality, I probably know 1/tenbillionth of java, but I feel a bit proud I’ve gone from knowing basically nothing, to understanding what I know now. Big note, I decided late last year to program for Android prior to IOS, as I was pretty keen to learn java. So the focus now is producing an Android app (or actually, a multi-platform app, which is what I’m trying to achieve through LibGDX).

During this personal project, I’ve gained the most value out of problem solving. I consciously went into this knowing that I was going to face hundred of problems that I would have to troubleshoot along the way. But, quite literally, before I started, I stopped to confirm in my own head that I would not get overly frustrated by the problems I was bound to face. And boy did they come thick and fast! Every tutorial I tried led to one or more errors, which I had to figure out. I try really hard to sort them out myself.

A quick side note- after working on a very punishing problem (very basic problem in the scheme of things, but punishing to me as a noob) for three days, I decided to sheepishly ask on whether someone could help me locate my error. To my absolute astonishment, I has three people answer my question within about three minutes! The forum members, as experienced geeks, knew the answer straight away, so could offer me some help. I really appreciated it. I think the guys supporting other guys on that site is awesome. I try to solve as much as I can myself first though- because it’s a pretty sweet feeling seeing a little feature on your app work after you’ve solved a weird punishing problem.

So this is just a proud post- lame, I know, but I’m just pretty happy right now. I’m really enjoying making my app. It’s still a long way off being finished of course, but I’m chipping away.



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