Not news per se, because this video was uploaded on 14 Nov 2013. I am very late to blog about it, but who really minds? Now that I have a bit of time up my sleeve I will tell you about ‘Coin’, a project kicked off by Kanishk Parashar.



First, watch this excellent video:

Done. No need to blog- you know it all right? But just so you understand exactly how cool this piece of kit is, lets rehash why it is awesome:

– It is all your credit cards combined into one neat little electronic card

– It looks sleek and easy to carry around (slip it in your purse!)

– It uses a non-offensive sounding tone to notify you in case you forget it

– It has a very very nifty physical accessory  to swipe in your cards

– Its promo video is very clean and contains wicked effects, like when the user shakes the card and it reveals three additional cards

Question- what happens if your phone dies? The notification system would fail, right? Perhaps a small flaw, but I guess the lost card notification is not the main function of the card, merely an extra.

Do you feel happier now that you got your tech-fill? Even though it was late?


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