Hands down best phone ever!

As I type this, I’m pretty sure the Phonebloks YouTube video will tick over to 3,000,000 views…. just one day after Dave Hakkens posted it!

Check it:


What Dave thinks:

Dave believes we chuck away too many tech devices, when all they really need is a replacement camera lens, or a new battery, or just a memory upgrade. He is attempting to gather public support, entrepreneurs, investors, developers… you name it, in order to get his idea on the shelves.

What Phonebloks is:

A base block with an embedded electrical circuit which houses a collection of blocks. Each block has a different function- Bluetooth block, sim card block, battery block, etc. Together, all the blocks lock into the base block and screen to make a phone.

Best thing about it:

is that if one block dies- you can load a new one! And, if you want to upgrade a block, you can do that too! AND if you’re, say, a budding Photographer, you can customise the configuration of the blocks to maximise the Phoneblok’s ability to take photos too!

You’d think I’d want one or something…?

bloks_2bloks_1  phonebloks-800x410



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