Tech flail 2

I hadn’t intended blogging so soon after yesterdays blog, but I came across one video that really entertained me. YouTube then did this great thing and recommended me to watch another, equally entertaining video. I always give in to recommendations. Led me down a rabbit hole. I apologise in advance that these are not really “news worthy” as they are fairly dated.

The Fliz


Watch here:

A bicycle designed by German Engineers that requires the user to run, instead of pedal, to generate momentum. The bike, according to the designers, is a healthy, ecological mobility solution that can be used in overcrowded urban spaces.

At first, I thought- cool! I like running! But only for little bursts! This was totally made for me! Then I thought, bugger, that would be hard to get up a hill.

Let the crowds judge. This was the top rated comment on the YouTube video: “It’s unclear how the prototype is an improvement over conventional bicycles, which also do not generate pollution and are less physically demanding than the Fliz.”

H-Zontal bike


Watch here:

1. Unnatural pedaling technique?

2. The arch-back position looks a little painful (see video)

3. I want my eyes on the road when traffic is coming. Mirrored goggles are okay-ish-not-really

Glider Cycle

This "Glide Cycle" is crazy. I got their business card.

Watch here:

Not the best demo video to show you how it works, but the commentary is pretty funny. She kind of walks it away at the end, which gives you a bit of an idea. Very similar to The Fliz. That green frame is a bit inhibiting when you want to lean into your run. Makes you appreciate how the simple push bike really is a winning invention, hey?


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