LiveMap – saving me time spent lost

It’s hard to believe that this hasn’t been invented yet.

LiveMap (by LiveMap) is a motorbike helmet with an in-built GPS device that displays directions on your face shield. LiveMap (the company) have done brilliantly to capture the market on this one. They’ve identified that Motorcyclists require their hands to drive and their eyes to maintain situational awareness. They also don’t like stopping to ask for directions.

Solution- a full-colour translucent map projected directly onto the visor, a microphone for voice control and earphones for auditory feedback.

The company (by the same name- LiveMap), is based in Russia and has already garnered support for their product from the Moscow Department of Science, Industrial Policy and Enterprise; the State Foundation for Assistance to Small Innovative Enterprises in Science and Technology of Russian Federation; and the Skolkovo Foundation.

Commentators have identified the edge that this product has over glass- less lag.

See for an inspirational and informative video. Check out that audio track on the opening sequence. Makes me want to be…. entrepreneurial…


Thanks team!


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