App development

Hi team,

I want to make an iPhone app. Definitely not a simple feat. I’ve read a number of resources lately, all of which have stated how ridiculously hard developing a decent iPhone app is if you are not a Programmer. I am definitely not a Programmer, but I am so having a go.

After conducting a whole lot of research, I decided the best resource for me was, ‘iPhone Application Development for Dummies.’ I stuck with it for a few days, but it delved into Objective-C programming language too quickly and was pitched over my head. I did some more research and realised a better way to go about business is to learn C before Objective-C. So that’s what I’ve been doing for the past two weeks. I found a good resource for learning C, ‘Beej’s Guide to C Programming.’ It’s pretty funny and explains things in simple terms (except for the section on return functions- what’s going on there??). A little milestone… I made my first decent C executable today! It’s completely simple and boring, but tests the skills I’ve learnt so far. It’s just a simple computational program. I’m so happy!

The graphic design side of the house is coming along fine. I haven’t learnt to do any 3D modelling or anything fancy yet, but have just been producing layers in Photoshop that I can use later when I figure out how to code everything together into an iPhone app. I’ve also looked at business marketing considerations. Creating an iPhone app is like an exercise in consulting! The business considerations you have to make are immense if you want your app to be successful. Again- completely interesting!

So basically, it’s just a fun big task and I am enjoying all the elements associated with it. I’ll let you know how I’m progressing along the way.

Lastly (for inspiration… and plain enjoyment) I have been playing a bunch of flash games lately. I came across an awesome game that I’d recommend you all to play. I love the flow of the characters, the kookiness, the challenge…. everything to do with the app. It’s called, ‘i saw her standing there,’ by kranggames. You can play it here:



Thanks, see you!

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